Researching and applying for scholarships can be a complicated process. The purpose of this page is to provide a valuable guide for current and future students to research, find, and apply for private scholarships.

Researching Private Scholarships:

According to an article on College Data, private scholarships are the “low hanging fruit” of the scholarship world. There are thousands of companies and organizations in the United States are looking to give back to their community by awarding scholarships to students in need of financial. In fact, applying to private scholarships will most likely increase the likelihood¬†of earning one due to vast amount that exists. While the amount of the scholarship depends on the donor, there are several things that can affect eligibility. Factors include GPA, ethnicity, location, and intended major.

They also have a great tool for finding scholarships that match your interests and qualifications. You can find it here.

Want even more luck with earning a private scholarship? U.S. News says you’ll have better luck with local scholarships. Seek out offerings in your area for potential donors.

Resources: A directory of scholarship offerings in the state of Washington Search for scholarships and discover hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships in minutes Chegg is a nationally-known text book vendor, but did you know they’re also a great guide to finding the right scholarship? Their database of scholarships is a phenomenal resource and you’ll be able to compare various awards. Student Scholarship Search is a great tool to find scholarships that are a match to your GPA, location, grade, gender, and ethnicity. No matter what your response is to the 5 categories, there will be a list of scholarships provided that take the hassle out of finding the right one.