Welcome to OnlineWritings.com, your all-in-one guide and resource on how to find and apply for the best private scholarships available. While there are many articles and scholarships that are catered to students in Utah and Washington, this site is meant for students in all 50 states that are looking for private scholarships.

Private Scholarship Writing Tips

Private, as opposed to institution awarded, scholarships are often overlooked by prospective and current college students. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars available in scholarship awards to students just like you. Provided by companies, organizations, and individuals, private scholarships are a great way to earn money towards on of the best investments in yourself you can make.

As you peruse the website, you’ll be able to access some of the best private scholarship directories on the web as well as writings tips on how to write an award-winning (literally) essay. While private scholarships are very similar to traditional scholarships, the essay will most likely cater towards a certain topic that the donor will provide as it relates to their business. For example, The Advocates Scholarship, is a scholarship award offered by personal injury and accident attorneys. The essay asks the applicants to analyze car accident statistics and come up with various ideas on how you, and potential laws, can make our roads safer.

We’ve gathered some of the best information on the web, specifically designed for finding and writing essays for private scholarships: